DICAST was jointly developed by the groups Big Data in Biomedicine, Computational Systems Medicine, and Computational Genomics and Transcriptomics Group

Maintainer: Amit Fenn With contributions from Tim Faro, Fanny Roessler, Johannes Kersting, Alexander Dietrich, Chit Tong Lio


If you use DICAST please cite the preprint

|Fenn, A.M., Tsoy, O., Faro, T., Roessler, F., Dietrich, A., Kersting, J., Louadi, Z., Lio, C.T., Voelker, U., Baumbach, J. and Kacprowski, T., 2022. Alternative splicing analysis benchmark with DICAST. bioRxiv.


DICAST was created with funding from the BMBF Sys_CARE project

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